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Strategic Sales Playbook Levels



Made for small businesses
with no sales team

Silver Benefits

Base Level

  • Documented Sales Process by Sales Stage, mapped to CRM
  • Sales Strategy including Guiding Principals, 3 Year Growth Roadmap, Ideal Client Personas, Unique Value Proposition
  • Sales Scorecard including Sales Quotas, Sales KPIs and Sales Pipeline Equation
  • Sales Messaging including differentiators, client hero story


Made for mid-size businesses
with owner led sales team

Gold Benefits

Includes Previous Level Benefits

  • Sales Compensation Review and Design
  • Defined Sales Roles including Job Descriptions and Onboarding Plans
  • Updated CRM Dashboard Reporting
  • Sales Pipeline Red Flag Reports and Clean Up
  • Sales Stories for all Buyer Personas + Founders Story
  • Sales Performance Management Guide including 1 on 1s, Sales Meetings and Performance Reviews
  • Sales Leadership Transition Plan


Businesses with a full sales
team and sales manager

Platinum Benefits

Includes Previous Levels Benefits

  • Competitive SWOT Analysis
  • Sales Team Evaluation and Recommendations including Development Plans
  • Sales Leader Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Sales Team Recruiting and Interviewing
  • Sales Coaching Process
  • Sales Pipeline Evaluation including Lead Generation
  • Company Branded Playbook

Additional Benefits

  • Fractional Sales Leadership / Outsourced VP of Sales
  • Sales Coaching
  • Sales Training – RAIN Group
  • Sales Leader Certification (CSL)
  • Compensation Plans including incentive plans
  • Sales Recruiting and Onboarding
  • Sales Performance Management Process
  • CRM Implementation
  • Traction Self Implementation Support / Leadership Team Coaching
  • Implementation

Help your sales team build a repeatable sales process by giving them a Sales Playbook—a one stop resource with a defined sales strategy, clear and unique value proposition, compelling sales stories and an implementation plan.

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