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Chris Cocca
Outsourced VP of Sales

I am President of Strategic Sales Solutions, LLC located in Frederick, MD and have over 20 years of sales leadership experience across multiple industries for Fortune 500 and Mid Size companies. As a licensed Sales Xceleration Advisor, I seek to completely understand each client’s unique challenges in order to design and implement a sales playbook that builds a foundation for sustained profitable growth.

Help your sales team build a repeatable sales process by giving them a Sales Playbook—a one stop resource with a defined sales strategy, a defined sales process, clear and unique value proposition, compelling sales stories and an implementation plan.

How I Help Your Business

I am an experienced, hands-on, fractional vice-president of sales that will help you work to achieve your sales goals. I will work to quickly understand your business, your customers and your competition. I will take the steps necessary to build your sales team and sales infrastructure to deliver sustained sales growth.

Small-to-Medium-Sized Businesses

Need to accelerate sales to meet company objectives.
Don’t have the expertise to scale-up when an opportunity to grow arises.
Lack consistent sales processes or metrics/KPIs.
Lack a well-defined unique value proposition and a consistent sales message.

Ideal Client Profile

Annual sales of $2 to $100+ million
B2B focus with a sales cycle of 1-12 months
1–20+ sales representatives
Company has no effective or proactive sales process
Sales are stagnant, declining or growing slower than planned, inaccurate forecast
Stalled proposals, with no consistent Pipeline process
Inability to take sales to the next level, lacking time to effectively manage the sales team
Companies building a new sales team
Cannot find the ‘right’ salesperson
Unable to articulate value proposition, solution or service
Company not telling an effective sales story

Top 5 Business Needs

Improved performance management and development of sales team
Effective compensation and incentive plans that incent desired sales behaviors
Sales processes and strategies that define roles, expectations and timing
Installation &/or customization of a CRM to track activity, pipeline and forecasts
Additional sales resources including sales coaching

Brief Description of the Products and Services I Offer

On Site Sales Discovery

The On-site Sales Discovery is a comprehensive evaluation of your readiness to meet your sales objectives, followed by actionable, prioritized recommendations to improve sales productivity. The OSSD evaluates the following Key Success Drivers: Sales Strategy, Sales Methodology, Sales Organization, Performance Management

Genesis Sales Plan

The Genesis Sales Plan, including a sales playbook, is a comprehensive plan that builds on the OSSD as described above to provide you with all the tools you need to find and hire the right salespeople, build the appropriate sales infrastructure and effectively coach, manage and lead your sales team. The main components of this plan and sales playbook are: building a repeatable sales process, refining sales strategy, improving sales infrastructure and execution and developing the right sales messaging including sales stories to attract more new business. These elements provide a stronger foundation for more consistent growth.

Outsourced Vice-President of Sales/Fractional Sales Leader

The OVPS builds upon the Genesis Sales Plan. You need to run your business; let me run your sales team. I will function as your Outsourced VP of Sales taking on all of the aspects involved with running your sales team week-to-week. My activities will include:

• Create weekly pipeline report

• Forecast future revenue

• Lead weekly sales meetings

• Attend weekly owner/GM meeting

• Hold sales team accountable

• Coach owner/GM/VPon sales leadership

• Develop sales best practices

• Recruit, interview and hire sales people

• Create appropriate sales materials

• Coach/Train sales team

• Ride along on key sales calls

• Provide any necessary corrective action and perform

• Quarterly Performance Reviews

• Gather competitive intelligence

• Guide contract preparation, negotiation and delivery

Collaborate with Marketing on Lead generation strategy/tactics

Sales Strategy and Sales Story Workshop

The Sales Strategy and Sales Story Workshop is designed for smaller companies with a limited sales team who are looking to refine their sales strategy, define their sales process and develop more impactful sales story with their clients and prospects. This is a 2 Day on site workshop with company executives that includes a Sales Playbook.

Certified Sales Leader Training

Certified Sales Leader Training (CSL) is a 8-week training course designed for Sales Leaders who need to improve their management skill set and deliver more consistent sales results for their company. The comprehensive curriculum covers: Creating an Environment of Sales Success, Defining the Sales Strategy, Coaching Mindset and Culture, Company and Individual Business Plans, Getting the Best From the Sales Team, Forecasting, Customer Relationship Management and Sales Team Meetings. Sales Leaders must pass an online exam at the end of the course to receive the formal CSL certification.

Support Traction (Business Operating System) for Executive Team including Sales L10 Meetings
Individual Sales/Pipeline Coaching for Business Owners, Solopreneurs and Sales Leaders

Mobile: (918)4099559

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